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Eqfy (EQ-FY) is a premium 10 band audio graphic equalizer that works with Spotify (android version) to enhance and tune Spotify music for best listening experience. Designed with simplicity in mind, Eqfy equalizer is the simple form of advanced 'RE Equalizer' with friendly user interface but shares the same powerful sound engine of RE Equalizer to achieve quality results from Spotify and other multimedia apps. Developed by WiseSchematics, Eqfy is integrated with Shunt Audio Engine and Shunt Smart Interface providing high fidelity sound output and familiar interface for Spotify. Test Image

  • Dedicated for Spotify
  • Enjoy familiar customizable and responsive interface designed for Spotify
  • Able to work with other multimedia apps like Google Music etc
  • Powered by Shunt Audio Engine and Shunt Smart Interface
  • Wide range of Music Genre based presets with Custom presets
  • Audio Effects including Surround, Reverb and Bass Boost
  • Visualizer with ability to read peak values
  • Adjust intenstiy for Audio Engine effect
  • Customizations, change background color, modify Visualizer...

SPOTIFY Screenshot
Spotify Screenshot

With more than 100 million users, Spotify is the leading music streaming app on Android platform. Spotify also features high fidelity audio format and ability to support third-party audio effects and equalizers to get best quality sound from music. Every Spotify user dreams mostly of one thing: to have a dedicated equalizer for their favorite app to achieve best sound from it. For this purpose, Eqfy fills in the space to act as a third-party equalizer for Spotify with the ability to process strong audio signal and taking the Spotify music quality to the next level. Dedicated connection of Eqfy to Spotify makes it perfectly stable to use for an unlimited time even other apps are conflicting. Eqfy interface is also designed in familiarity with Spotify so that users feel right at home while using Spotify and Eqfy together.

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Using Shunt Audio Engine and Shunt Smart Interface technologies, Eqfy shares the same engine as RE Equalizer through which Spotify users can achieve outstanding audio results and restoring the full spectrum signal in a very short time. Eqfy has the ability to deliver quicker, high quality results, providing outstanding go-to solutions for a wide variety of source material and can handle conventional EQ duties with ease. Whether its a car stereo, headphones, hifi sound system or sound bar, Eqfy can perform equally best with all kind of sources and change the soundscape of music and bring it to life.

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Eqfy supports two types of connection to multimedia apps: Dedicated output and Global Universal output. As a result, compatibility of Eqfy is not only limited to Spotify but is also intended to work in conjunction with almost any music or media app. In this way Eqfy can be considered as primary choice in music and audio equalizers for Android OS by allowing users to enjoy and take full advantage of superior music experience from Spotify along with other multimedia apps.

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